10th August – CSH3 – Reverse Thrust

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Hmmmm… What to say? Before the run started the hares gave an extended brief to the visitors, before an elaborate one to us – something about Mexican hats, balls, different V checks, etc… Nobody listened and we just set off… Around the corner was the first circle check and after 5 paces I spied some paper – it was only about 30 metres from the check, so I called cautiously, and started looking for more paper – past the usual shelter and the trail seemed to continue from down by the road.

“ON ON!” and we were running along the lake, only to be “Looking” again, and then “ON ON!” again… “Looking” again… “ON ON!” again… What was going on? Strange set so far, and as I rounded a corner we found a circle hidden away in a bush, hashers running all over the place yet with a somewhat clear paper trail heading off to the left??? I know that normally when Reverse Thrust gets to circle checks there is already paper leading away from it, but this was a bit strange… Around a field to a wall, with a little message asking us to be quiet, and a ladder to ‘help’ us get down… Through a little moobahn, and to the road. Again, “Looking!” – at least it was keeping the pack together behind some fast visiting FRBs, but it can’t have been anything like the harebrief! Again we found a circle and just off to the left some paper – it wasn’t until we got through a field and saw the hares looking bemused, that we discovered we were going backwards. (Well it is REVERSE THRUST).

Horny Monkey had been listening to instructions about mexican hats, but mistook some flower pots for them and wasted time looking for balls underneath – eejit! Incidently we were supposed to be at the Ag centre, but he’d done a good job finding something different… On the other hand, there is a reason we normally run on the same trails – less stinking muddy cow shit to paddle through! Less Barbed Wire gaps to crawl through… Less fences to scramble round, over, through…! Finally we got back to the Ag Centre area, and then it was time for a quick short cut back to the A.

10th August - CSH3 - Reverse Thrust, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating