20th October – CSH3 – Throbbing Ninja

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Whoa! That was a run we won’t forget for a long while… What on earth was Throbbing Ninja thinking??? Even the Lanna run didn’t go that high up that bloody mountain…

I arrived to find a packed out runsite – a nice garden restaurant turned over to the hashers for the evening. We took over and with a strong contingent from Hong Kong it was going to be a busy one. The briefest of harebriefs set us off down the usual out trail, and I lead the string of HK’ers until Ice Dancer overtook and stopped calling – silent running cnut.

We got to the hill and climbed, and climbed and climbed… Every check was UP with nearly 300m of elevation gain. An epic which had us doubting whether Throbbing could have set it by bike or not. Eventually she must have got bored of climbing and randomly cut abruptly left to scramble through shiggy and descend back down to the waterfall. WTF?

The larger than usual circle was fun, and at the OnOnOn, TN made up for the crappy run with some most excellent food.

20th October - CSH3 - Throbbing Ninja, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating