22nd July – CH4 – Dog Shit (& Alice)

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Doggie had a few beers last night, and it appeared at least some of the responsibility for todays run fell on the shoulders of Alice. We set off and I felt like running – sweat some of last night’s beer out of my body, deal with the brainshit, so I took off and for close to a km we didn’t have any checks. That of course makes you suspicious, and so looking down every side ally, I spied some paper and we all conveniently diverted the first Skiddy Stick check.

I gave the hares too much credit and stupidly took the wrong fork at the next V check – when i rejoined the trail Humperdick was quick to berate my stupidity! Skiddy was up front and blazed a trail passed the 2nd set of skiddy sticks into the distance. As we turned back it was Humperdick that lead the way and promptly (with home field advantage) cruised through the next few checks charging ahead with Beautiful Box in hot pursuit. The hares threw in a pointlessly retarded hill – climb up and straight back down… Clearly Doggie wouldn’t have had the energy, so I’m blaming Alice!

We got onto a familiar trail, and it was heading back towards the out trail… With a couple of circle checks, I was sure we would be cutting to the right, otherwise we’d intercept the out trail again… It turns out we just went back to the out trail, which confused the hell out of HRA / Humps etc. I took the lead but was disgusted to find yet another deviation up a hill… Screw the last little bit, I cut off to the left and sure enough found paper, and was hot on the trail back to the circle.

A traditional Sunday circle, eloquently managed by Alice while Dogshit slouched off his hangover!

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22nd July - CH4 - Dog Shit (& Alice), 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings