21st July – CSH3 – Alice

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Alice escaped the desert and spent every waking hour planning, preparing, scouting and setting the run – and that was the best he could come up with! 😉 Driving through a storm, the canal road was terrible, but there were no less than 3 bright signs pointing off the main road, with a further 2 at every junction from then on – how Chuckie could get lost I’ll never know!

At the circle Turkish was proudly showing off his latest erection – skies were clearing, but we had a tent in case of rain – and it did rain a bit after the run. As 2 songthaews arrived the place really started filling up with a lot of visitors from Macau, as well as Rwanda? and US. Why had some many come for Alice’s run?

Without the help of a sniff, we were pointed off, and I promptly ran in the wrong direction. I got back on track, and realised that Macau had sent their best FRBs and their GM was on the hunt early on, sprinting off all over the place. We went up a road, and hit skiddy sticks, only to have to loop around and go back up the next road. Into the jungle on a narrow, well hashed route.

The trail seemed to arc around to the right, and the third km was a pleasant downhill cruise, and around the corner was the hare, with beers in hand. Chuckie caught up at that point, so we walked in together with a beer, realising I’d done enough already.

The circle was extended, with most punishment for the Macau GM – richly deserved in my mind! Alice got off lightly for his trail setting efforts and we turned back to the canal road for dinner at Cool Balls’ restaurant. Good times!

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21st July - CSH3 - Alice, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings