3rd March – CSH3 – Bone Collector

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Ok, so it wasn’t Bone Collector, it is entirely Bone Hur’s fault and his philosophy was clearly why waste time scouting if you’ll just screw it up anyway! He set off throwing powder down and we set off in the same direction as the last time he set a run here. The big question was would we go up the 900 temple steps again? A circle check near the bottom teased us, but he’s spared us that torment. It was me that checked wrong there and the last I saw of Brown Finger was as he kicked up dust on the true trail.

The pivotal point was as we hit a ‘rubber wall’, and the trail set off to the right of it. It seems the wall marks some private property and our hare found no way through it. The solution was to just simply go all the way around it. The result a run of 8km, where the checks were beyond obvious – Hence everybody just ran through each check and Brown Finger’s calls grew quieter.

At the end of the wall, we hit the tarmac, and a tedious run was topped off with a 3km run back along the road to the A. Worst Run of the Year? Well it is certainly a candidate!

3rd March - CSH3 - Bone Collector, 1.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings