27th Feb – CH3 – Chuck Wao

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I wasn’t feeling the best today due to some Belly Dancer beers. My hangover snooze was disturbed this morning / afternoon by Chuckie giving me a shopping list to bring along to the hash. That kinda forced me to come along and see what Chuckles had in store…

I timed my arrival perfectly and swung in to the A bucket with enough time to delay CW and force him to do a late hare brief… Sadly I was too early to just skip out on the run and had to go out. My car had complained about the hill on the way to the A bucket, and I already guessed that my legs would complain about what was to come. The hare brief was all about international rules, and our Turkish American was nattering away in my ear so my headache just got worse. When CW pointed straight up the mountain I knew a bad day was going to get worse!

We climbed and BF and I discussed where the possible “FT”‘s might be. Finally he took off to see the inevitable. Being much smarter than the hare, I saw powder off to the left and along with Horny Monkey followed the side trail leaving BF to climb higher. Sadly, it seems I’m not smarter than the hare, and promptly hit the False Trail. That was about as much effort as I could bear to put in and I rejoined the trail as the hare came up to sweep and even Sups was already ahead.

The hill was endless, until we came across a resort, that turned out to be a temple. Climbing up further through the temple we finally hit the Doi Suthep road and turned down. What the hell, I may as well run for a bit following Bone Hur, Square Rooter and Humperdick. As soon as we turned off the easy running road and hit trail I changed my mind. Screw that – I’ll just walk from now. Poo past by looking at me with a confused expression. Humpers came by and promptly overtook me twice as he took a wrong turn. What a relief when I saw the cars after around 3.5k. The hare of the dog brightened me up a bit, but it’s time for an early night!

27th Feb - CH3 - Chuck Wao, 5.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings