16th Jan – CH3 – Skid Mark’s Hangover Run

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This is why I hash!

I slipped away from work, with my body feeling sore from yesterday’s mountain hike, but decided to give it a go – first up it was Skiddy’s birthday run, second from the run site it would be absolutely flat – about 30k+ to the nearest mountain, I would be safe! As it happens the good old GPS told me I had a 0m elevation gain (just about perfect) and a 3m elevation loss… (I can’t quite work that out, but the important bit was – it was flat!)

Also important was the “RLD’s” were not at all confusing, and a large turnout made it, including our visitors from Phuket. We could expect the usual kind of Skiddy trickery, and we were off. I tried to have a chat with Semen Soars as we jogged off, but he wanted to stretch his legs and tried to race me to the first check. Fortunately I got it right and went on a lucky spree for the next 6 or 7 checks! There were a couple that I got a glimpse of paper in the distance – Brown Finger wanted to accuse me of “excellent hash behaviour”, because you have to get close enough to the paper to read the hare’s message before calling On-On – even if you can spot a white strip in the distance!

We grouped up and Turkish Delight led us to the skiddy sticks. We heard the On-On call from across the paddy fields – Turkish the wannabe FRB pointed an arrow straight into a river before leading us on a shortcut through the check back and on to the next circle. From there is was mostly straight back to the A, but there were still some tricksy circle checks – the last being probably the best as it had Brown Finger running all over the place.

Back at the A, for once, Kwazi Moto was itching to get the circle started. When it did, it was one of the best circles in a long time! Perhaps Phuket added some extra refreshment, whatever, it topped off a fun run and the On-On was of course an excellent array of German food. The Boot was an additional game of screw the Phuket people! I’m sure the On-On-On-On was also fantastic, but some of us have to work… :(

16th Jan - CH3 - Skid Mark's Hangover Run, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings