7th January – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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Turkish chose a great spot for the A site… but then he chose Square Rooter as his Co-Hare… From the edge of a beautiful lake, everybody looked towards the mountain that ominously loomed above us. I remembered a great around the rice fields set nearby – I think by Snail Trail – and that was a great run, so there was clearly good running around there – it just depended how much TD listened to SR…

After a bit of gamesmanship Snail Trail pointed one way and then led us towards the mountain. Sure enough there was a Wimp Rambo split with the Rambo trail leading straight up the evil bastard hill. I got the impression that the Wimp trail was added as an after thought, but it seems they pushed King Kong through a tiny hole on their loop around the lake. Back to the Rambo route – a visitor from Guam hit the front looking athletic, but the steep climb got the better of him and it was Semen Soars that led us back down the other side with Brown Finger and me swinging from the trees behind him.

Graven Image appeared from nowhere – maybe he’d found a tunnel under the mountain as I can’t imagine how he’d found a short cut! Semen picked the wrong way up some steps while GI led us along the valley bottom. Most of the pack seemed to wait at the V, but I chased after GI and BF luckily getting it right. Just before the On-In GI stopped for a toilet break, but then raced in with BF as we went back In on the Out trail. After the mountain the trail was good, if somewhat predictable! Shame about the circle!

After the run the On-On-On was well attended with the promise of free beer being a big draw! It made up for the punch that Turkish had ruined in the back of his trunk.

7th January - CSH3 - Turkish Delight, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings