2nd January – CH3 – Graven Image

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Graven teamed up with Robin Banks to set what was arguably the best run of the holiday season. Admittedly last Tuesday there was a pretty damn good CUMH3 run, but today is what hashing is about. Excellent trail running and some challenging checks – the only problem was… my legs were too dead from the last weeks efforts and I only managed to keep up for about half the run before slacking off.

We met up at the runsite short of the Tiger’s Head and were treated to the return of the GM – although it seemed Kwazi had forgotten what his job was… The hare gave an unusual harebrief – we have everything – every kind of check there is, whether or not Sloppy Rod could figure out what to do or not. Yes! Hopefully there would be a BMY check! (When I ended up walking towards the end, I daren’t short cut in case I left everyone else out there at a BMY check!)

We looped around and back to the road, and it seemed quite a while without a check, so Poo started looking for trails from the inevitable skiddy sticks. The hares did a good enough job of messing him up, but Dogshit and I stayed on the trail as Sloppy came charging back down babbling about something or other. We hit some shiggy and my legs are ripped up to shreds as I ended up checking the wrong way. Darn my legs weren’t feeling good and I barely caught up again. Fortunately there was a lady showering to keep Square Rooter and I company as we walked through her back yard. 😀

Then I was on my own – great trails, but no energy left to run them. We got back and munched on a bit of fried rice, waiting for Kwazi to stop sweating and eventually got the circle started. It was a light hearted tag team affair that passed control between the GMs. When one GM drinks, all GMs drink, so Horny Monkey got in on the action too.

2nd January - CH3 - Graven Image, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings