27th November – CSH3 – Miss Piggy

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After the Bunny’s blow out 10th Anniversary Run & AGFU the previous day – everybody (except Superman) was hoping for a nice short gentle hang over run. So off out I set encircling the city and ending up in Miss Piggy’s favourite terrian – fortunately it looked very flat. As the hashers began to arrive – it was clear there was going to be a big turnout with Anything’s Iron Pussy’s up from Phuket, Running Bare’s extended family as well as visiting hashers from the US, Japan and Pattaya.

Miss Piggy and Wooly Jumper gave a hare breif whcih as usual I didnt hear as those late arriving bastards money had to be collected but I headed out just as Sups was making his stately arrival. It seemed that Miss Piggy was economical with the paper … then powder and the first couple of checks had us all over the place with the FRB visitors calling from every direction – except the trail! As we got into our stride Toe Sucker’s insight proved helpful as we headed off hardtop onto dirt and farmland. With Knockout and Twice Nightly taking turns inspiring me the pack began to spread out with Poo leading the way … well leading the calling anyway!

Someone said this was a 5km run but my GPS was telling be 4.6km already with no sign of On-In – was Miss Piggy giving us another one of her special ball breakers? The trails were easy on the feet and passing Snail Trail I ran in with Hot Seman Saver from Humpin H3, San Diego dead on 7km.

Horny Monkey led a whopping great circle – with the Iron Pussy’s even rousing from their famous food circle to come in and entertain us with their down down shimmy. HM liberally used the arm to punish the shirtless ones (Running Bare’s daughters) and Superman was dobed in for telling Miss Piggy to make the run longer. Sups annointed Dizzy – Crazy Crack and with much beer consumption and yarn telling the circle came to a close with Skid Mark being awarded the male wings for not making Miss Piggy cry this time and Paper from Phuket being awarded the female wings which just goes to show that drinking and running are a great combination – she’s been at this for > 25 years!

OnOn – Belly Dancer


Yacker: Square Rooter & Mr Poo
ARM: Sarah/Caitlin/Lauren/Horny Monkey
Flying Dick: Swallow
Tits: Crazy Crack
Turd: Miss Piggy

Male Wings: Skid Mark
Female Wings: Paper

27th November - CSH3 - Miss Piggy, 4.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings