27th November – CH4 – Screwed Up

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Post Bunny fatigue somewhat thinned the turnout today – or was it because Screwed Up had hared this run alone and everyone was fearful of what he had in store?! 14km down canal road to usually pleasant terrain for hashing – no fault to SU that this time of the year brings out the nastiest of stickers. Pre-run Toe Jam and Belly Dancer did a brisk trade in whistles and gaiters respectively. With the bus delayed while Junglisious stopped off on errands en route – SU finally got to give a lengthy hare brief.

Off out we headed with Sweet Pea, her virgin cousin Mem and Itchy Bitchy asking me for a nice shortcut. Well I could but try …. with Brown Finger and HRA a bit the worse for wear it was Jungle Chim and Graven Image leading the way …. leading the way? … it seemed that SU had used 80% of the paper making the most enormous circle checks ever seen on a Hash and the remaining 20% of paper had been sparingly laid for the trail. I have to say SU runs are improving and had the checks been a little more conventional and the shaggy less painful – I would have enjoyed this run a lot.

With the FRB’s off in front I was sandwiched between Toe Jam/Tip Toe and the harriettes – unfortunately for me the girls were behind me. With light starting to fade I picked up the pace a lot, thanks to the proximity of Mr Poo’s calling but ran foul of one of SU ingenious V or bar checks – running through the bars normally works and today was no exception and soon I found myself with the FRB’s at a circle check in the middle of no-where. With much checking I finally resorted to the GPS and an obvious gully and fearing the girls might get lost picked up 400 meters worth of paper and laid trail down the gully.

I missed climbing a small evil shaggy infested embankment and ended up trapped at a lake while the FRB’s ran On In a frustrating 6m above me struggling to escape the sticker filled gully. The girls used my trail in and seems that everybody managed to find a way back – with no-one finding the hare’s On In.

Screwed Up took charge and as the beer flowed the entertainment value went up – Junglisious hot underwear was the highlight of the run/circle and she deservedly got the female wings. Sexygenarian Tow Jam was awarded the male wings.

Nice effort Screwed Up!

OnOn – Belly Dancer

27th November - CH4 - Screwed Up, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings