30th August – CH4 – HRA

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By Alice

Well ffs, it’s his area, his bloody shelter, so what did we expect? A Poo run or even worse a Horny Monkey FU?
No, it was HRA at his knavish, conniving best, mixing trickery with fuckery, added to a firm grasp of geography! Yep I enjoyed it, although my left knee and Achilles disagree.

The first section in the woods he’s used a year or two back and I didn’t know where we were going until we reached a red gravel steep decline where Angry Inch tried to top himself.
TmB and Byte were out ahead and checks were done when I arrived, having enjoyed ShSh’s ergonomic and economic comparison of Decathlon and Saloman footwear.

Frozen Dick also started at the back with us but he was tired after the gym so dropped back quickly.

I started to see and hear Pussy W, Krapthai and Pigshite up ahead but didn’t quite catch up until we’d wiggled down the hillside and across the narrow valley to the hillside on the other side where the hare led us on the raised path into the forest and steep down to the track again.
From about half way I could have got home in half the time but played the game and enjoyed the unpredictability of HRA’s twists, turns and jerks.
Along the valley I felt good and passing Pussy Whisperer called out “Let the runners run!”Knowing this was probably a prelude to a painful face plant or bamboo impalement, I wended my way carefully, allowing him to pass me somehow a few times further on as I checked wrong.
TmB found trail to the left through a property but the dogs and tiredness compelled me to jog around the loop and sure enough there she was 5 min later exiting onto my trail.
The next check at the V had her heading to GC Rd and I went left round the loop back towards the Doi. Could it be the sneaky cut thru aka HRA alley? Yes it was, but I stayed on paper to the FT and retraced my steps ripping down the strips and indicating the turn. Emma Royde caught up about here and my pants fell down, with bottle and cap inside my shorts. TmB turned around to see the re-arrangement dance and it wasn’t pretty.

Back towards the Doi and options for the hare. I chose Doi again – wrong – and TmB somehow found the next check before she found paper.
Emma went down, TmB went back left forest and Alice went overgrown field and Onon!
The next check was also a head scratcher and it was called back in the Doi. I shadowed at a lower level then rejoined after 300m.
The run in was welcomed but not the sight of PW ahead of me AGAIN! Loping, long legged sealhacker be damned!
Relaxed circle and lovely splashes from Laid Back and TmB.
Top set from HRA and enjoyable domestic with Cumalot over the missing haberdashery and other responsibilities etc.

30th August - CH4 - HRA, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings