27th June – CH4 – Softballs & Snowballs

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Balls! When 2 balls get together, what can you expect? Back out to the lake at San Kampaeng, and we were promised in the harebrief that we wouldn’t accidentally get onto Mondays paper – but who knows about any other run?! From the way Snowballs fell out the songthaew, I wondered how long he’d been drinking… – was it before they laid trail?

We set off in the direction we were pointed, but even though we were going around the lake in the usual way, it took us a while to find the first paper. Not the best of starts! The first circle was by a few cows. I’ve put checks here before, so know exactly where the 100m point is – CW was some way past it before he called us on. I was jogging gently, as it was me, CW & Blows Herself with a bit of an advantage as we went along the canal. We could have done with some more paper, as it was alternating calls of “ONON” and “Looking”.

CW suggested we stuck together as a 3some, as it looked like it wouldn’t be easy… Moments later we were split apart and all came in separately from different directions! I found a couple of checks a bit confusing – even though we were right, I wasn’t convinced it was right, and ended up exploring a little and then on some other paper, that I think was from Cartoon… After looping around I was back at the canal, and tempted to head home. I was 45 minutes in, but with plenty of daylight, I changed my mind and went back to where things had got confusing, and braved my way up the steep climb. Each time I got to paper, I had to pause and try to pick out another piece – tricky when I was off trail, and the route seemed to sharply turn from left to right and back again. Finally at the top of the hill, I assume there had been a check there, as there was paper strewn on the ground leading into the middle of an overgrown ‘field’. It took a while, but I did manage to get back on paper, and there was Tiptoe & Ball Breaker.

I was back on familiar ground now, headed back towards the lake, but again I got off paper. This time I gave up and carried on on my own – ending up the wrong side of the lake and coming in the wrong way. Most of the pack were there to quiz me on what had gone wrong. I had barely finished the story when Chuckie came in – also from the wrong direction, also solo…

“A bit confusing”, was an understatement!