23rd May – CH4 – Cartoon

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The air is clean – we are mostly into the green, so it’s safe to go outside! Let’s see what Cartoon has in store for us out at the usual lake in San Kampaeng.

The harebrief told us we knew what to do, and set us off along the side of the lake. A couple of early checks headed us towards the canal in usual style. I cut a little loop off as I found paper before a circle was called and found myself at the front with Blows Herself and a visitor – given the smallish turnout I suspected I might have a lot of work to do today!

We headed along the nice cut through, which takes us away from where Cartoon usually sets, so I was wondering if he had explored the hill, but then paper ran out… I looked closer at the last bit, and it seemed like old paper… Turning back, Sex Pistol & Blows Herself confirmed we must have got onto the wrong trail, and as we headed back, eventually we found a FT hidden behind a bush! Back to the top of the canal, and we found Pussy Galore short cutting, but confused on paper.

We were back along the other side of the canal to a W/R split – seriously does someone need a 2km wimp trail?? Around the corner and trail led to the left – it stank of a False Trail, and I was tempted to just go straight instead, but decided to play the game – sure enough, when I got to the FT, there was Poo and KO waiting to jump out on us. HRA took over the lead for a bit along with Sock My Cock and ABB in the mix.

A circle check at the road, and I suspected we had to cross over to find a way back, and sure enough there was paper after 100m at the nice cut through trail. Meanwhile Sex Pistol and ABB found more true trail leading to a false trail somewhere else.

Another check had me and Blows leading the way, but by now I was starting to overheat.. I needed to slow down a bit, but I had a small lead. A loop around an orchard, back across the road and into a field. I went left and found paper on the back of a tree, but man that was well hidden – I called “ONONLOOKING” a bunch of times as I looked for further trail, but the pack was slow to follow me. Finally figured it out, and went around the corner to the last check. I knew we must be close, so tried to push on through a bunch of freshly cut trees, carefully protected by thorns, damn my leg was ripped up.

Actually a fun set and a fun circle. Cheers Cartoon!