16th May – CH4 – HRA

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So, 4.5km is standard now for runs? Who am I kidding? It was freaking hot, and I am v. unfit – it was definitely far enough for me!

After months of isolation due to the pollution, I ventured out on another run, and it was great to see Poo out on the run as well. He was walking, I was attempting to run, but probably spent at least half the time behind him…

KO was on fire for pretty much all of the run! The first check I got wrong and spent some time playing catch up after finding a way to cross the gully that Shrek & Blows Herself were laughing at me over. I rejoined the pack and continued into the maze of trails 11km south on canal road.

For a while it wasn’t clear if we would turn left or right, but left it was, and did I mention it was hot? I tried to position myself off the front and minimise my efforts, but still I seemed to get checks wrong. KO and I got one right, and she ran off with more energy than me, when she came running back from a false trail Cartoon was right behind me chuckling at our luck…

I definitely need more exercise – I need to lose some weight, and today was just the start of a new phase. I am grateful to HRA for being kind!