7th March – CH4 – Cumalot (&HRA)

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Midterm exam week, so I got out of work and out to Sleeps On It’s resort for a run. The pollution was down, so it was looking good for some exercise! At the start we had the kiddies running all over the place – Snail Trail had brought her two, then there was Obscene. They seemed to be running around / fighting, but not making much progress…

KO & Poo joined me at the front, and KO got the first check right. The early section went a completely different way from what I expected, but there were good trails, seemingly more uphill than down though. We got into a smokey patch, and Poo was struggling, as was I climbing slowly up a hill.

Cartoon was putting in most effort – doing a great job up front. Pretty early on Graven, Purple Fart, Pigshit all took a mini shortcut (clearly one the hares had in mind when they led us a long loop around a plantation). They appeared on trail ahead of me. I wasn’t short cutting, but I wondered why, when even Blows Herself led a pack on the short way across a field.

Eventually the pack started spreading out, and a lead group established – it was clear we were going clockwise. Cartoon again doing most work, with KO up there. A check split them up and KO got it right. I followed KO, and at the next check she simply disappeared!!! Vanished into space! I got the check right, but didn’t see KO for a while – I wasn’t 100% sure if it was short cutting or silent running, but it was clear in the end…

At one point the hares evilly sent us down a hill, guarding the top trail with a V check, only to take us back up it. Undulating is an understatement! It was up and down constantly. The had us climbing up a steep hill with the trail at a 45 degree angle. That wasn’t much fun, and the only thing that made it worse was KO waiting for us at the top!

Cartoon wasn’t having it – he busted his gut to chase her down. A really nice set – cheers hares!