7th Jan – CH3 – Turkish & Tiptoe

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By Alice

The birthday boys combined to bring us a very sensible and enjoyable hash run the Monday after BB2019. Surprisingly Frozen and Graven dared show their faces and even more surprisingly no rotten vegetables were hurled at them in the stocks. I guess the hashers’ balls were just too broken – or the pack too addled and decrepit to remember events a full 2 days previous more likely!
Welcome back Emma Royde, Poo, Horny Monkey, Anal Vice and Krapthai! Great to see Angry can get the songthao to the hash when he really wants to!
The Turk selected an old fav of his, out past Doi Saket and to the right. I recall a run about 8 years ago he set with Big Top. How fun to be on trails you don’t recognise, hills you haven’t trodden to death and sneaky cut throughs you wouldn’t know when asleep. Piggy and HRA excepted naturally.
Trail was an oblong – in an anti-clockwise direction I worked out early doors – going along the flat, into the fields, up the hillside to a saddle, down the hillside, around the Technical University and the Ruins of Greater Zimbabwe and back along the canal side to home.
Cartoon was the top dog today. Graven lurched and plotted and used most of Turkey’s tricks to stay up there. Emma Royde incessantly took wrong options at checks. Hardly Normal, missing two kangas in his top paddock, gave his new Salomans an outing and turned into a part time runner. Horny also gave a good impression of a man who doesn’t know his own limitations until a fall towards the end. Scooby stayed competitive. Analvice kept up well until fading later on, obviously burning the candle at both ends in Phuket hasn’t helped. Rooter did his thing and Poo ran out some of the jet lag in his system. Frozen couldn’t find joining paper from the first check so did his best Superman impression. Brownfinger – or is it Ringfinger now? – was competitive throughout. Krapthai and ABB lurked at checks but kept well up. Krappy even running hard for much of the last km I was adjacent, although that may be the reason. Sheepy brought up the rear and protested he wasn’t English.
Lively t shirt, decent circle and OnOn, big thanks to the hares for sponsoring most of the packs’ pleasures.

7th Jan - CH3 - Turkish & Tiptoe, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings