10th December – CH3 – Suckit & Brownfinger

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By Alice

Gripe out of the way first. Run directions said 1st turn after the U. No sign but took it anyway. Fail. Took 2nd turn. Fail. No pin to click on website just GPS that aren’t active and can’t copy into GMaps on my phone while on bike.
Pissed off, wasted journey, head home. 8th left turn after the U there’s a well camoflaged HHH with red Hs on orange background. Wtf! Game on!

Got there and downloaded on Suckit. Sorted ShSh’s on trial camelbak and set off after everyone else.

Beautiful trails well
marked and many options at the many checks. Pleased the frb’s had all the headaches!

Recognized trails from BF and TMB runs starting from behind Suckit’s; great and varied they are:sandy paths, forest tracks, stony creek beds.

After about 2km I reel in Frozen and Superman. A check hadn’t been connected and it takes Sup’s eagle eyes to spot paper ahead.

Next up were Tiptoe and Rooter, striding away like good ‘uns. Hardly Normal in his fab Nadi hash top came next before Softballs and his poor hearing. Softy was full of the joys of spring, gamboling like a young lamb and even running with joy. I know that feeling after months of Achilles pain.

The thing about the camelbak is handsfree and can carry keys, money and extra water if needed. You have to stop to take water on board and get your sucking and breathing
right. Overall the experiment was a success, albeit a sweaty one.

Just before the A site a large group of water buffalo eyed me suspiciously and turned to face me down, bristling and skittish. I know how Suckit felt as the hashers arrived just before 4:30 and vented in his direction!

10th December - CH3 - Suckit & Brownfinger, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings