4th October – CH4 – Shrek

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It’s been a while since I’ve joined the hash, but out in Doi Saket and during Midterm exam week, I figured I’d give it a go…

The A site was by the canal headed towards Wangtarn resort. Trail set off over the canal and turned right along the canal bank. Rooter and Tiptoe had slipped off to a headstart, but they were still confused by the first check. It turned out the trail went straight along the canal for a km or so – I guess the hares hoped we’d forget about that by the end?

Foxy found that first check, but called so quietly that only the hare took off after her. Overtaking the hare and Foxy, I got to another check, which was further along the canal (left here only leads to a gate as far as I know). Finally we turned left up the hill, with a couple of nice checks – made even nicer as I got them right.

Then we got to a bit of a fuck up – I found a check back after 70m or so from a circle. My signals to TMB must have been confusing as she laid paper after me, rather than finding the right way. The check back wasn’t off a V check, it was just a random checkback, which turned out to be a false trail off the circle. I think there was further confusion behind me, as Tasty and I took off and nailed another check as we could see paper off to the left.

Angry Inch caught up as I came back from a false trail at a V-check, and from there it was the 3 of us leading the way. That V-check was pivotal, as it meant we weren’t going to be turning left as I first suspected. Instead we would have to cross the canal at the first opportunity and head back along the otherside of the canal, presumably coming in via the nice estate near the A-bucket. From there it was just a case of connecting the dots.

4th October - CH4 - Shrek, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating