CH4 – 7th June – Alice

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By Alice
Alice returned from Down Under to hare in his favoured Doi Saket. The pack was fairly thin and missing the beer mistress at 5pm. Heading out sans l’eau ain’t clever in these temps so upon Antwan’s arrival at ten past Alice loaded up the scooter with small bottles and sped off in reverse to cut the pack off at the pass as the first section was forest trails, a tad hilly and not bikeable.

It’ll Cum was the first face down the trail after a 3 way possible check. Water was exchanged for pecks on the cheeks, Alice just not revealing which cheeks though. Jungle Chim, Cumlord, Poo, KO, Blows were all in the lead group followed by the fast catching up Chucky who fairly praised the hare about his getting every check wrong thus far!

Trail had come through the forest and out through a shiggy garden onto a main trail between properties. Would it go left towards the Doi or right towards the canal? Sharp left and up to a Falsie! On on was left towards the Christian village, undulating track, stone filled and rough.
Another check. Three choices. Right towards the bigger properties and the quarries across the road. Here water was delivered and half the pack grabbed a bottle. HRA declined and was going well here. Horny Monkey was running here, as fast as his poor knees could carry him, although he’d managed a few rumbles in the jungle.

The hare retraced his tracks to find Pussy Galore and Anywan and service them. With water. No sign of Does Nothing, Teeny Weeny or Humpty. Certain mysteries are just not explainable although the Dutch master of doing nothing claims he was on pink paper for all his 2.5km circuit. And blamed ABB somehow for this. Mmm.

At the tarmac, trail just headed left to a check 100m down the road. Onon was back right into a field and then along the main mud path along the south west side of the flooded quarries.

A check had Blows heading up a small but doable path to the left. Wrong! Next check was a V with another tempting narrow cut thru on offer. Wrong!

At a major junction a check offered straight, left between the quarries or perhaps right across the cleared land towards the massive property on the bing canal road. The last option was on and paper led across a creek with steep banks and treacherous quick gravel, as the hare had found when scouting.
Chucky managed to jump the creek but Teeny Weeny chucked an old tyre in the stream bed.

Overlooking the canal after another 700m some checked further away from the A perhaps for a bridge over to the other side. Trail went down and right of the massive new building although Humpty and Teeny went left and just followed the road all the way in.

HRA meanwhile had decided to accompany Cumalot on the shorter trail, thus missing the quarries and creek but grabbed water second time around.

Back across the tarmac Poo and KO were in the lead as tricky checks again did for Chucky and Chim. A cut thru red gravel path led to another well marked and straight up to a Falsie. A faint call was heard from the near expiring Poo. Chucky seized the moment and retook the lead, scampering left and then right on the run in. Only a circle, a V and a circle to go. Jungle Chim put his foot down and caught Chucky as they approached the final circle after a shiggy trail down through forest. It was 50/50 and much to the lanky West Australian’s delight, he nailed it and sped back along the canal to glory.

Blonde SoCal visitor babe Flower Power was picked up off trail by Alice on scooter and ridden home, ahem, without the benefit of the desired reach around. Teeny exposed all his wedding tackle when on ice to the horror of all and Poo teased Anywan for blaming her GPS and taking ‘the other right’ when it told her to go left.

Poo had 7km for the longer trail with checks and others had 4.5km for the abridged version. Softballs had 5.5 walking and jogging on the flat canal path to the 118 and back.

CH4 - 7th June - Alice, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating