19th March – CH3 – ABB & Cumlord

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By Alice

The Admiral and the Lord of Cum combined to good effect in Mae Jo setting an excellent runners’ run from the square lake. True, the number of hashers outnumbered the checks and true, the run directions neglected to drop a pin for the woollyback devotees.
The air wasn’t great and in many places the forest was sparse and burnt. The trails were very runnable with soft sand and dirt along much of the course thus allowing your humble scribe to find an obtrusive stone and turn his fff left ankle again.
The drive in was a tad fraught with one main sign on a key turn half hidden ans then SheepShagger came driving back against me in high dudgeon shouting th and that. If he’d seen the sign on the left to the square lake he would have been happier and I’d not have been traduced.
We got there just in time for the circle and soon we were off heading towards the road. A tricky check had everyone foxed, I checked back and left about 40m given the circle was 60m further down. As Does Nothing said if I’d checked 42m I’d have found paper! This messed the whole pack up for a few more minutes.
Sheepy and Browny seemed to be doing FRB duties and each register under 10 dB. As the pack passed me, I relaxed into a walking, jogging, walking rhythm that kept me going in the humid and oxygen light air.
The trial was basically familiar but until we were 1km from home I wasn’t sure exactly how it all linked up, just that I knew the trails from before and even remembered the placing of checks.
One annoying thing that the hares did was get to a junction and throw some paper down the wrong route. Just one clump but it did its job.
After about 4 km I recognised a split in the main trail and Sheepy found a circle down the left fork. I sensed home was straight so continued. I was running ok although the osteo arthritis in the right foot seems to kick in about this point regularly and today was no exception.
Angry Inch came barrelling in from the right about now. Wtf he was doing there I have no idea and nor I believe does he. Towards the end we ran down a hill ans turned left towards the A bucket. Graven appeared shirtless and asked if we’d seen the On In? I hadn’t, so presume trail had lurched right.
Back at the A it was sweaty Betty time and a well deserved run down and rest.
A lovely trail to run, although perhaps not enough surprises and basic checks to retard the FRBs who are retarded enough in their own right.
OnOnoOn at 2gether Bar where the skinny waitress with tiny shorts will live longer in the memory than the food, which was fine!

19th March - CH3 - ABB & Cumlord, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings