28th December – CH4 – TMB

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The gruesome twosome combined in the wilds of somewhere on the borders of Burma and Kaffiristan to set a wonderfully wooded and winding 15km mini BB.
It was a long journey out in the songthao and even longer coming back squashed ‘tween the back of Suda’s driving seat and the rear cab. I volunteer Pussy Whisperer next time!
In dank and unpromising conditions we headed off into the unknown. Early doors a major FU. FRB walkers headed front and centre from a check until they found paper 150m on and yelled. Real FRBs starting slowly at rear found true trail to the right into an orchard and there was the horrid suspicion we were somehow already wrongly on the in trail.
Luckily we joined their trail and started 7 km of flat but tricky forest paths with multiple check opps to gladden a hare’s heart but sink an honest hasher if he wasn’t on his game. We did have a decent crew of FRBs but the calling wasn’t consistent and often times it was harder than it needed to be. And it was hard enough as it was.
The recent wet made underfoot conditions in turn slippy and heavy. Soft, wet sand is not my favourite. Soft, wet something else ok, but not sand. Had enough in Saudi of that stuff.
After an hour or so we spilled out of the forest to a road and a beer stop. TMB and Foxy were doling out drinks and wondering why we’d taken so long!
BnB Man said he’d do the second leg if I was walking and jogging. I waited politely behind him while he opened a tinny and chatted to Cumlord. I waited some more. I watched Tasty run off after the pack who’d fcuked up her first check of this leg. After another few minutes I asked BnB if he’d sup up and get a move on. Oh, I’ve decided to go back and not do the second leg, sorry!
Just what I needed! A few minutes of puffing and I could hear shouting ahead…somewhere. Eventually I reeled in a few back markers and ran a bit with Anal Vice and then behind Blows Herself and Just Nicole, sister of Leaking Lizard. Every time I caught them I needed a rest and they moved ahead again. Anyone was motoring along in good shape and after I passed her, every time I walked and she caught up, I started off jogging again.
Should have just stayed with her and enjoyed the company.
Robbin Banks and ace circle lurker ABB were going well, running and walking, running and walking. Some tricky checks and basic ones with 180degree options pulled the pack together. Sloppy, Angry and Scooby running down FT and Checkbacks with gay abandon.
We came to a section of forest that looked familiar. Semen Sores reckoned so too. I fretted that we’d got caught on the out trail somehow. In fact we had, as the hares used it with new markings in the last section before home. Dodgy that IMHO.
Feeling tired, my feet bruised and aching, I heard Knockout yelling from the last check as she chased Sloppy down the road and the pack bashed thru the bush to join up. Blows Herself did her third face plant of the day, rather to Semen’s amusement.
The asphalt was hard but the OnIn was most welcome.
A decent circle run by Tasty with some flair, lovely snacks, friendly family of visitors from Malaysia and tasty OnOnOn at the resort.
Well done hares and well done Suda for getting us back.

28th December - CH4 - TMB, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings