25th December – CH3 – Mr. Poo

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it goes the adage. Well, Mr Poo paid tribute to an Alice set for the second time, mirroring his run to within 95% accuracy and the same way around.

This time he had a surprise up his sleeve, a la Cumalot on Sat. Lay the trail very close to HRA’s trail from exactly the same A and lay it also in powder. Stand back and enjoy the inevitable, especially as his most tricky check was adjacent to HRA trail and the markings were still visible.

The only thing to be said in the hare’s defence is that he did say No False Trails at the hare brief. Of course his tricky check not only was close to HRA powder but an HRA FT too so the poor innocents were well and truly stuffed for Xmas.

A decent sized pack in festive mood finally gathered at the new A site which wasn’t the footy field as per email. Pooying joined us, the the long well sculptured legs of Horny’s visitor didn’t go unnoticed. US tennis coach and mum to two good little running lads, she like the rest of the family, wore little bells on her feet just in case one didn’t notice those long, slim, athletic legs going up to a very pert little athletic bum. Would I run behind her all the way in paroxysms of ecstasy? Not if those fcuking bells had anything to do with it.

Off we went towards the snakehead Buddha then left into the open area and right towards the hills. A circle was called as the paths headed up.

At back of pack I took my chance and checked up a steep but doable ramp about 80m shy of the check. After 20m powder! Geddin Alice!

My Onon calls were overshadowed by bellowing below. Are you! Checking! Funny to see the pack milling around 30m below me ignoring my calls. Up past the temple and into the woods. I was hiking and jogging in parts. A couple of checks were nailed. No one had caught me but a 3 way
circle allowed a couple of FRBs to find paper on the lower left as I took far right. Gorf passed me here and luckily the trails merged anyway.

We followed a lovely winding path that rose up the spur, dappled light, trees all around, gentle incline, not too many rocks. Hashing at its best – especially as I suspected Poo hadn’t strayed too far from my template on his Strava.

At various checks there were Xmas songs to sing and various forfeits for FRBs. Anal Vice had stapled Xmas presi vouchers along the way too. It was truly the spirit of Christmas but in a tropical forest in UK summer temps!

Browny, Suckit, Anal and a few other charged past on the long downward trail to the next valley. Long legs’ hubby Wes passed me jingling his bell without stopping for the mistletoe kiss check. TFfT!

At the t as we hit the valley Tasty, Scooby and a few others went right. Toilet Dog’s antics confusing them. Plodding left of course, I found powder and ran the long valley path all the way out to the orchard and Poo’s killer check.

I told Piggy it was probably thru the barbed wire fence as per last set. Runners came back that way but I knew it was worth heading that way. Powder, then nothing. The FRBs were confused, circling. I strode on like a demented wise man following his personal Xmas star. No powder. A FT or circle call from the right. Shouting. More confusion. I kept on and was back on powder, despite Toilet Dog yelling Old Powder when it was obviously not.

Back up towards the forest, thru the deep trench and up behind the properties. Stick with me young man, I’ll see you home safe says Alice in best Jimmy Savile style.

Toilet Dog scampered off in his bambino feet and Browny made encouraging remarks as he passed me with 500m to go.
After our little group came in there was a long gap before Graven, Angry and most of the pack came in from the wrong direction having hit the road in frustration by Tin Tin and run in on tarmac.

Fun circle, enlivened by Robin Banks singing and snogging TMB neighbour’s daughter in re-enactment of the mistletoe check. Worked for him I guess✅❤️
Lovely OnOnOn chez Poo and KO. Thanks for hosting and to the ladies who catered a superb spread. Tip top effort girls.

25th December - CH3 - Mr. Poo, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating