27th July – CH4 – Sheep Shagger / Alice (&HRA)

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So we went to Fang for a prelube outstation. I drove up with TMB, wondering how many would show up, whether Alice would be fit enough to set the run or if HRA would have to step up as a substitute. We arrived and checked in. Sex Pistol’s car was in the car park, but she was sleeping peacefully, and we finally managed to wake her up with just enough time to get to the runsite. 3 Hares, 3 Runners. Personal hares!

We set off and kept together as a group for the whole run. We may be few, but it was a different style of running, much more friendly, co-operative, collective. At the first check, TMB went left, I went straight and SP followed the true trail to the right. Her lead didn’t last long as she promptly got a false trail off a V check that meant she had to take a dip in a creek. I led the way for a bit through a bit of an orchard, shiggy shitty shiggy, but then we were free and on to a decent trail that headed to a child monk quarters. And then the trail literally went through someone’s house – we had to dodge their shoes, laundry, kitchen. It was off a circle, and I didn’t have the heart to call “ONON” as the family were sat around looking bemused as to why a random farang was running through their house – I went back and called the other 2 on.

We then ran 3 sides of a rectangular lake, only to be spat out 50m away from where we’d been before – very cute hares, very cute. Then it was time for some paddy field action. First another chance for a quick dip in the creek, only to hit a false trail. TMB managed to jump over both times, but SP and I chose wet feet. Damn hares! Naughty hares! Taking us past the farmers as they planted their rice fields.

We continued the lead rotating as we took turns like a pelaton. Randomly I was stopped at a house to chat to a random farang who had met the hares the day before. I had to chase a bit to catch up the ladies and we got back to another lake at the meditation centre. A false trail to the right didn’t fool me, but as I headed around the lake the heat was starting to hit me. Dang it. I hit the deck for a brief nap, being showered by the ladies water as they passed me by. Power nap over I rejoined the mix, and followed SP as we spotted Alice up ahead. He told us we weren’t far from home, but we were well short of the promised 7.5km. I don’t think we missed anything.

SP was leading us home, until the antepenultimate check – she went right, and wasn’t. TMB and I went left and were right, but I got an edge on TMB as there were so many roads, and I marginally guessed correctly slight to the left. We were close to home, but still time for one more V check. Dangit! I don’t think I can recall a hash where the FRB and the DFL came in together, there was nothing to split us, so if that defines the perfect hash, then well done hares, you’ve achieved it! Shame more didn’t make the run, but often the small hashes are the best and most memorable. The “circle” was a quiet affair, more of a civilised meal than a circle.

27th July - CH4 - Sheep Shagger / Alice (&HRA), 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating