29th June – CH4 – Blows Herself

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A relatively new hare, and the runsite behind Doi Kham… I was worried, very worried – Sex Pistol had recently used a lot of the hill, please don’t do the same… please!!! I bit the bullet and headed out to get some exercise.

We set off on the usual trail, the “Last Man Standing” trail. Gentle to begin with for the warm up before the ascent starts. I was slightly concerned about the reduced FRB community, and then promptly got the first check wrong. I jogged back, and whoever checked the other way took some liberties as you could see paper from 10m away from the check! The hare had picked a bright orange paper rather than the leaf coloured paper from a few weeks back – this time the paper stuck out. I caught up as people milled around the 2nd check – this time where the main trail sets off up, and really the choices are along the river or up the hill. Nobody was calling, so I started the ascent. A couple of paces from the circle I could see what looked like orange paper up ahead, and also Bend Over walking past in quiet meditative thought! I carried on, and sure enough it was paper and not a peep from the Turklike Bendover.

I called ON and carried on up, Sex Pistol rejoining us at the next junction as she took the alternative way remembering a tip I’d given her some time back! I hit the front before a V check. Interesting – why a V and not a circle? There were 2 options, downhill or carry on up. Instinct told me to keep going up, but as I did I started wondering why the hare had put herself through the pain of laying the false trail down to the left??? Luckily I was right and pushed on.

Next a circle, and I carried on the main trail, and found paper after 90m or so. It was paper, but not convincing – on the back of leaves. I nearly called, but stopped myself while I looked more closely. I told Bend Over who was following me, and we carried on to look. I heard a call from somewhere behind me, and assumed (correctly) that we were going backwards. I carried on and after a break in the trail found a circle, and trail leading down to it from the right. Knowing I was going backwards I had a dilemma. I could carry on, or I could head back. I turned back and met Bend Over. We went back and measured the steps between the circle and the erroneous paper. By now the hare had already been by and fixed the trail connecting the two points and putting the ONIN down (1.5km or so up the hill).

Bend Over decided to head back down to the A, I pushed back up towards the trail. Quickly I heard voices, Cumalot I think calling ON. Strange! I didn’t expect to be with them so soon… Sure enough there was the hare having a debate with Sex Pistol about some fuck up. Which fuck up? Seems like I was surrounded by fuck ups! Not to worry, I was on paper and followed it. I was at the back and got to a large group of walkers stood by a circle check. They said it had been called from up the hill. I wondered why they weren’t moving!!! I told them what I had found, and carried on up the hill with Sex Pistol, Poo & Obscene.

After a short climb we cut left, heading towards the trail I’d seen before. Ahead HRA and Sheep Shagger were in control, but when I got to that last circle they were busy checking thoroughly the other side of the river. They “knew” it couldn’t be left, because we’d already come up that trail… I “knew” it was left because I’d already seen the paper! I broke left, and Sex Pistol was right on my ass! “ONON” – I did feel a twinge of sympathy for SS & HRA, but you are only as good as your last check. It was downhill all the way, straight back down the out trail – a balloon set. Running down the hill I past ABB, who was expecting HRA. Damnit Sex Pistol was still on my ass! Every time I looked over my shoulder she was right there! Down to the flat bit, and then a slight incline. I walked briefly, but still Sex Pistol was right on me. I jogged as far as the road, and then we walked in together.

I understand the hare ran into some problems, but she figured it out and fixed it and in the end produced a pleasant run – no shiggy, all trail, some hill, but not too much, and at least one check that really foxed the FRBs. Cheers!

29th June - CH4 - Blows Herself, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings