22nd May – CH3 – Alice

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by Alice (on Alice)

Alice and Just Jim set a tough SAS selection yomp last Monday with two climbs and a ridge to contend with in hot conditions.
After 2 hours into the set, JJ was bent double, having set the FT’s and check backs up til then. He suddenly informs Alice that today was a fast day on his 5/2 diet and he hadn’t taken in any calories. FMDD!
The rest of the set was a bit of a worry but he made it hem headed home.
The circles paid tribute to Alice’s dad on his 83rd birthday. The good looks obviously skipped a generation!
The small pack didn’t lack characters and Libers was into Sups from the off.
The trail headed up the valley then up the hillside thru an orchard at the first check. Along a rocky ridge line for 15 mins with occasional views of the valleys on both sides.
At the circle off the ridge, the trail headed left on a wide forest path and FRBs HRA and ChackWao were calling the shots as ABB and DoesNothing followed them. SheepShagger was on his own mission to collect rocks for his personal Sharia court and his geological bent saw him fall behind and lose visual contact. A circle left untouched messed him up and it was GPS and guesswork that brought him home in 1:40, 30 mins after the runners.
After the forest it was open rocky road until a cheeky FT sent the pack back into the forest and down a scenic stream gorge and out into the lakeside property.
The check here was tough and it seems trail was found but from the wrong way. Another major headache for SS trailing behind and lugging 15kg of rocks by this time.
Up into the woods and it was right turn and climb, climb, climb back up the hills.
ABB sputtered about lack of trail but we laid on DoesNothing scouting paper, so blame the GM!
Once near the summit ridge the trail went right away from the out trail and round the hill and steeply down to a steep saddle. The last V check went on up the other side but an even steeper drop brought the FRBs down to the base of some spurs and a rocky streambed descent towards the lake opposite the A.
Libers led the walkers in, followed by TipToe and Frozen in just under the hour, having turned right into the valley from the check after the ridge walk.
Frozen made a witty comment about SheepShagger keeping his rocks in a box but Libers putting them in his head! When Libers got the circle, FD was banished to sit in ice-olation on Liber’s truck! A bit of BS about sitting/standing was stirred up by Libers. Coming Slow showed off his 2m snakeskin. On on in town was at The Swan Burmese and for the Hang Dong crew Lazy Falang. A tough run in harsh conditions with a small pack. Kudos gents for your sterling efforts.
OnOn, Happy Birthday dad and spare a thought for the innocent victims of Manchester.

22nd May - CH3 - Alice, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings