16th May – CH3 – Frozen Dick & Chuck Wao

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By Alice

Dream team Chuckwao and The Dick that never Melts set a belter of a run behind Frozen’s house down Canal Rd.
A small bit keen pack sniffed out trail along roads and lanes to start with before a few clever checks had us going thru a rocky puddle and scrub filled lot to a check. Hashers went every which way back on paths but Scooby and Alice had other ideas. On on! from straight across the property and out the other side.
HRA, Scooby and Poo were sharing FRB duties but the checks kept the pack guessing and together. Alice recalled some checks from ABB and previous runs in the area. They were tough then and still were.
Eventually we headed up a long lane to the forest and here the best part unfolded. We weren’t sure if they were taking us around clockwise or otherwise from the forest. The trails were great and checks did their job well.
At one point we got to a junction and HRA ploughed on to a False Trail. The pack as confused then Does Nothing saw some paper down a small but clear trail off at a tangent.
Alice was up it like a rat up a drainpipe and he got a second wind to carry him home to glory! Well, he got a few checks right and got to chose where he went on others, even if wrong.
Poo was second and followed me at some checks when he should perhaps have taken other options. At a cunning check, HRA followed Alice straight on in the rough direction of home. But there was a temping back and left track…Poo took that and we heard his plaintive OnOn call.
HRA and Alice tried to parallel through an overgrown field only to be met with wire.
Luckily there was a gap and ABB admonished them for short cutting when in fact it had been long cutting.
Poo was walking and jogging in parts and Alice managed to pass him.
Another check nailed and legs going well, come on, how long now….
Suddenly Frozen in Lanna hat on a scooter appeared at the end of the track and nonchalantly turned and drove away without eyeballing me. As if that meant I wouldn’t see him.
I sauntered after him at a decent lick and no-one caught me.
At the circle FD swore he never saw me – only Poo flying down the hill at a rate of knots, gravity assisting his 7 and a half stone runner’s build into a fine canter.
The chairs were welcome after an hour’s sweaty effort. Discussion was had and people had they say. Everyone sat save two who headed off. Keep the debate positive, don’t call anyone pussy or worse and perhaps no one will
respond in similar vein towards ‘runners’ who appear to hold ingrained views on the topic. It’s 2017. The world moves on. The pack changes. The America that 45 bleats on about being great was segregated and had lynchings of black people. What was great for the 1980s for CH3 may not suit current members and their age and ability. Keep the faith, let the debate be healthy and short, play nice, enjoy CH3 and OnOn.

16th May - CH3 - Frozen Dick & Chuck Wao, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings