11th May – CH4 – Sex Pistol & Blows Herself

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Thar She Blows!
The Swiss Australian duo combined to set a fine run out past the Tiger Head in the wilds of Mae Jo. The hare promised a more or less flat run and it seemed like she was talking out of her bottom as we climbed and climbed from the off. At an early V, Chucky went left and Tasty crashed thru the bush totally off trail trying to keep equidistant between CW and the right side trail which was unfollowed. The languid Sandgroper’s Check Back call sent TMB bashing thru the sparse forest onto true trail as Alice, Poo and a couple of other puffed steadily upwards on paper.
The long yellow strips were bright and well placed. Checks were clearly set in powder by SP and they lucked out that the rain storm threatened but never arrived.
From the high point on the hill a circle took us left and from then on its was gently downhill and undulating all the way back thru beautiful forest and lovely trails, stoney and a bit tricky then sandy on the lower elevations in the last couple of km.
Chuck Wao was really pushing hard and Spitz was full of spunk. Once he left poor Alice gasping with a cheery You’ll catch up in a few seconds…fat chance. Only HRA’s strange mating calls slowed Spitz down, as he stopped to review trail and try to make sense of the confusing bellowing coming from the rejuvenated QLDer.
Just Jim and Knockout were going well although one was calling loudly and helpfully and the other, obviously scared of incipient avalanches, kept shtumm.
One particularly excellent circle had the main trails left and right which were run out – and devoid of paper. Tasty, Poo, Just Jim and Spitz went right and none called anything. Chucky was clearing yelling Checking from left then returned. KO came back from a left side smaller path to push on straight on what could have been a path thru the bush – and found trail! Nice work hares and KO.
The trail turned left as we continued our anti clockwise route and the FRBs went fast and furious, kicking all Vs and circles out clearly and pushing each other hard. I believe they had hands in each other’s shorts as they hit the On On chalk near the Tiger Head and gambolled in to the A by the dam.
Tasty, Poo and HRA lead me home to a welcome wash and watering.
Colour co-ordinated SP was sat at the circle while Blows Herself was running the trail again and scaring the shit out of Jeff from Taiwan and others with her terrific burps.
TMB had 6.5km and Does Nothing 5.98km on their devices. FRBs were in just shy of the hour and a fine run was had by all. KO’s friends Aung and Khet joined us and Sheep Shagger boasted he’d collected 12km of samples yet kept pace with Does Nothing! KO threw away a heavy rock that the newly coiffeured ex lawyer asked her to lug home and so the circle proceeded.
Alice and TMB have a high bar to reach on their upcoming Saturday run, qudos to Blows and Sexy for a top run.


11th May - CH4 - Sex Pistol & Blows Herself, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating