4th March – CSH3 – Byte My Yahoo

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Fire in the Hole!

Dr Byte set a memorable run over 2 days, 3 visits and interesting terrain way out back of Mae Jo, writes Alice.

In fact it had everything: sneaky checks, cheeky checks, cunty going thru unmarked barbed wire checks, 4 fire lines to cross, farm trails, orchards, forests, ridges and about 2 too many km!
FRB Taste my Burns came home with 10km on her Strava, almost double the Turk’s I believe. Most of the runners were in within 5 mins of her 1:20 approx arrival back at the A. The walkers Tiptoe, Fawcet etc and poor Mr Poo were another story!

The run was a clever, demanding set over some new trails for last minute busy hare Dr Byte. Why he didn’t rehash an old trail of his backwards, I’ve yet to learn.

The checks were obvious and sometimes tricky, tricky and backwards and sometimes cunning, mean, nasty and admirable all at once.

The pack puffed up a ridge towards the burning zone and were faced eventually with four leaps through the fire line and smog. It was all quite exciting I felt. Browny, Turk and 3.5″ shared FRB duties with TMB – with Strangely up there and doing fcuk all at circles to assist those behind despite the hares advice to play nice. He either ripped half the paper and just ran off – or stood at the circle and just ran off when On On was called, not taking any paper or ripping the circle. Lucky Sex Pistol is retired or she’d have taken down Strangely Anal’s particulars.

Graven was rattling along by half way and whenever he passed me after being buggered by a check back, remarked his surprise at me being amongst the elite runners. Ha! Newly named Spitz Spunk was upping his game with an excellent run from a man more used to swimming 200 laps being yelled at by his coach and voiding his bladder at the same time not the pool. Class.

We came out of the burnt forest after surviving, I think, 2 missing circles on the way but paper after 100 was still hanging. The FRBs do need to call On On when paper disappears and Checking! when they disappear after a circle. Otherwise no one behind has a clue in hell. Turkish is exempt from these rules naturally, as PM Erdogan has written him a note for the GM.

The route in after the forest was easy enough running on clear paths but with some challenging checks, the FRBs were bunched, especially as TMB chose check backs with regularity.

Eventually we slogged into an orchard and were back to the A bucket in just over 1:20 for Alice, SpitzSpunk and SP, who were behind the aforementioned FRBs, who hove into sight after Turkish had returned to the A but from which direction no man can tell. Fast walkers ABB and Pussy Whisperer were hot on our lips, I mean tails; they are the target for the returning ChuckWao next run.

Circle was bravely administered by said ailing ChuckWao with hare BMY out rounding up stragglers. Visitors Brainfart and Necrofillher from Puerto Gallera and Choo Choo Cabra from Norfolk, Virginia were welcomed and jolly nice to see the rewards of retirement in Phills it was too!

Superman managed to wheedle his way to the male wings and I think Sex Pistol the female. The excitement had overcome my fevered bow by then.

Great set Byte, but a tad on the challenging side for some walkers and recovering vets. Running through flaming fire walls was an exciting first that your scribe Alice is not overly keen to experience until next year, however the hare was not responsible. But I wouldn’t be the first to say that!

4th March - CSH3 - Byte My Yahoo, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings