16th Feb – CH4 – Brown Finger

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Brownfinger, M aka Suckit and Ms Moneypenny aka Itchy Bitchy co-ordinated a real 007 of a run and social down the far end of Canal Rd at Suckit’s des res.
It really was a superb trail, twisting and turning through shaded forest paths and dry stream beds, a runner’s delight. The signage on Graven Arsecrack paper thankfully didn’t make the pack too nauseous and the FRBs were back in around 75 mins, TMB, Gizzard Wizard, Sherman, Mike from Didcot UK and old stager Chucky I believe.

I shared trail with Krapthai, Analvice, Pussy Whipper and Blows Herself in the early stages. Great to see AV back hashing but sadly he’s got to fly back to Oz tonight for medical reasons.
The checks were all well placed with tricky choices and BF obviously had to control the FRBs as I guess the trails snaked through the woods quite close to each other at times.
No circles were actually torn out which makes things easier to see, so I did the necessary for the runners behind. Some checks still had paper hanging and unused, one was papered the wrong way and messed us up for 5 mins. Another had one piece on the wrong path which I followed and laid my own until I realised there was no more. Shit. Back to pick up all the bits and find true trail. 20m down it there was a few ripped squares. I sent Pussy Washer back to tear the circle and he couldn’t even find it!
Finally the last circle, right down a track to a big metal set of gates. True trail? Really? Climb the gate? Thankfully it was unlocked and one could just push it open. Phew.
Finally back in just under 2 hrs, tired but happy.
Fun circle, great to meet Virgin hashers and visitors from China, UK and Canada/Malaysia.
Team winners of the run/walk/drink event were TMB’s mob who probably had Charlie boy more to thank for than they knew!
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16th Feb - CH4 - Brown Finger, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings