2nd Feb – CH4 – HRA

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Courtesy Alice:-

HRA on his lonesome, an uber hashed area, what could possibly go right? Everything!

The wee Caledonian Channel Islander pulled out all the stops for CH4 and set an excellent trail from the red gravel area just up from Baan Suan Himdoi opposite the Ob Kham footy field.
Using small strips marked with X, HRA took us up into the forested hills along beautiful trails and then down into a familiar valley. Checks were tricky enough to allow walkers to keep infront of runners who chose incorrectly at checks.

At one point there was a steep, stony and uneven descent. The pack here were perhaps ten strong going down more or less together. Angry Inch appears like a bat out of hell and races down the treacherous and congested slope. There could only be one winner and it wasn’t the Nanaimo Cannonball. Gravity is not just a concept, opined ABB later, it’s a law. Well, Angry fought the law, and the law of course won. Luckily no one else was injured and Angry escaped with minor wounds compared to what could have transpired.

Down into the valley and confusion reigned. Suckit and self started checking back up and around the hill. Finally trail was found across a small creek bed and heading back down the valley. Familiar ground thinks I.

At a check, the pack veer right into a dingy dell and up the other side to a wide looping path. I emptied my shoe and jogged straight on, confident of joining up with the FRBs. After 300m I hit paper coming back towards me. Strange. Blow me, HRA found the sneakiest of cut-throughs into an adjacent orchard and from then on it was HRA v Alice v chasing pack who didn’t know I was in pole.

A few times I heard them call, ChuckWao I think, although that might have been his normal talking voice. Definitely Browny once, but they never saw nor caught me.

Check after check, a beaut of a FT, I ran them half right and wrong as HRA kept surprising me with his cunning and devious lateral deviations. At the FT I dropped yellow paper to mark true trail and enjoyed the thought of the shock and surprise the FRBs would soon be experiencing. Yellow paper! Wtf is ahead of us?!

Forest trails, stream beds, open paths and tricky checks lead back to the A and I made it in a lather, without the dogs of war tearing my seat.

Uber competitive TMB was convinced I’d shortcutted and looked bemused when HRA informed her that I’d appeared from the right direction. The circle was relaxing without massively amusing highlights, we were ten chairs short so there was a running gag to save or take your seat with you. Dodgy Cock serenaded ABB and Piggy separately, while Pays By The Inch finally had her splash which was worth waiting for. Two semi understandable Hashing Yanks from Syracuse joined us, plus DC’s slow mate in sandals and some ‘big, ugly fcuker’ (Piggee’s words) called Steve. I feel a hash handle coming on.

Great set HRA, see the heights you attain when Cumalot isn’t there to limit your potential! And tasty on on on at BaanSuanHimdoi, fast service and a super ostrich steak, chips and salad for self and Blows Herself.

Miss Piggy RIP

2nd Feb - CH4 - HRA, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings