14th November – CH3 – Pigshit

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By Alice

Because the Night
Behind the bikesheds aka Pigshit and Panel van Man aka Krapthai combined to conjur some romance under a bright, shining super moon in Ob Kham last Monday.
Love is in the Air
Two songtaos and a few returnees made for a good pack. The sexes were mingling, our senses were tingling and my dingaling was hoping for action.
Away down and side trail towards a t we went. On right and then a clever check 30m left. Must be back on the path heading straight on I surmise. Wrong! Into the forest we go, rather spooky in the dark, especially as the glow in the dark strips on the cream paper strips only did the dark bit in their name. Poo and Big Top were running in my vicinity and energiser bunny Obscene was also around at this point. Drama Queen and the soon to be named Oh Danny Boy were running in tandem and I started to get the drift of the hares’ plan.
Stand By Me
Out of the forest to a t. I guess right, then left and further inland. Correct! Sloppy is ahead calling indistinctly but calling. Unlike Brownie who responded to my frantic RU? with a quiet aside to his nearest and dearest:I think there’s paper behind me. Then dashed off leaving Obscene to call On On.
4 Little Diamonds
The stars twinkled overhead as Graven got into gear and sped past. HRA appeared out of the gloom, not a pretty sight, and cuffed Obscene as he overtook. Get out of the way boy! he advised in true Victor Meldrew style. Buttfiller parenting award pending.
Night at the Opera
Across an open section we jollied, I had bearings now but BF, GI, ChuckWao and Sloppy were up ahead running thru checks at will. I stopped to do the paper and they shot further away. A corner turn slowed them down but they nailed the next two as well. We came to a third and I saw their flashlights pointing back at me from down the trail. Window of opportunity.
Take a Chance on Me
Tasty came alongside and checked thru the gate into the quarry area. I ducked back right up a dark path and found paper. A nasty circle suggested a sneaky little route thru trees into the quarry but I bashed on thru a muddy and wet stretch, enjoying the shouts of warning and annoyance to my rear.
Another t. Bugger. I saw paper right on the turn but checked left just in case. Paper! I skiddadled back to look for the V but no sign. Slightly confused, I yomped off left on paper half expecting a False Trail sign. It came to Graven going right. Result!
The Night has a Thousand Eyes
I pushed myself for a good stretch, incline, lungs hurting, knee wobbling, torch bouncing in one hand, water in the other and suddenly a horribly deformed Hitchcockian dwarf hunchback gnome appeared squatting trail side in a green and black H3 shirt. Quasi Krapthai quietly muttered “On In 250m”. He forgot the ‘master’ bit. Unsure if he was the terrifyingly half human On In or there was powder down the track, I bust a gut to keep ahead of the evil hounds behind and suddenly light and the shape of vehicles appeared front left. I had WON!
Graven whinged about me running thru falsies and those wings were certain to adorn my swede. How wrong I was, as Wings of the Month Taste My Buns collected what was rightfully mine, MINE I tell you!
A fun circle after an excellent feast, thank you all caterers! Aroy mak mak. Danielle became Oh Danny Boy, marginally pipping Frozen Dick’s Matthew’s Wet Dream. Lucky that. And not just for her.
Under the Moon of Love
Great job Piggie and Krapthai, no need to panic at CW’s horror. Your +/- 6 km was doable and well located. You could have relaxed with a brew and set the On In. We loved your run and Blows Herself loved everything and everyone. That’s the hash spirit!

14th November - CH3 - Pigshit, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating