13th October – CH4 – Blows Herself & Sex Pistol

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Courtesy Alice:-

The virgin hares put their best foot forward, colour co-ordinated of course, in laying a challenging 6.3km trail around the hills about 5 km down the Samoeng Rd.
There was way too much concrete and asphalt first up according to Kwaz, but he was in spikes so understandable. I was just walking and chatting with Piggie in the main, Chuck Wao nattering away just in front, his recent hammy restricting movement of leg but not tongue. Piggie opined that we were missing so many tempting off trails but correctly surmised they went nowhere fast.
TMB, HRA, Angry Grinch and Obscene got the fcuk outa Dodge real quick. I could only hear them calling for some of the rest of the run.
Eventually there was a W/R split, W on pink, R on yellow. Despite mutterings it was visible all the way through. Rambo went up thru stickers and overgrown Shiggy. And up. It didn’t take long for the asphalt whingers to be asphalt dreamers.
Knockout, sans sick Poo, was just infront and did not like the stickers. Aaaiiieeee, I must take care of my bum, she said to no-one in particular. I mentally volunteered for the task, and reminded her so in the circle.
Once out of the messy stuff we climbed a forested ridge and had some nice views. Hare on trail Blows Herself was with our group and I reckoned I couldn’t go too far wrong. BH, KO and I helped each other through a tricky barbed wire fence, the lower strand caught Piggie.
Suddenly we seemed to be going down the other side of the ridge, it was muddier, steeper and the path narrower. The drop off to the left was sphincter wrenching. Dogshit would have had kittens. And then shat all over them. Don’t look down, advised BH. And shortly afterwards advised that she would prefer snow on the route. Mad as a hatter!
At the bottom of the long descent I caught up with ABB and we went thru a lovely secret overgrown creek bed, gravel floored, wet, roof of bamboo and sharp nastiness. My snood got spiked and I was happy it wasn’t mine eyes.
Out the other end we rejoined the W trail for the in route. A flattish path turned into a stumpy,rough field and then a hop over a creek and a muddy path back to the A. I couldn’t quite catch Toe Sucker who kept speeding up when I came up behind her. Not surprising! I was told by all and sundry in the circle. Thankfully Rooter finally arrived, from the right direction and we could relax, sit, chat and rehydrate.
A tough 6 plus, 3.6 for W Piggie! Circle was fairly relaxed and low tempo. Best bit was Sex Pistol whacking Piggie’s ear while icing him for not listening and being a fucktard at the hare brief. Don’t forget SP, ‘Bash, cash and gash’ are the three downfalls of coppers according to Krapthai, and now you’ve only got two left to achieve.
On on on at Fajitas Tex Mex was mellow and discussion ranged from the King’s demise RIP to Aussie consulate junkets being postponed, much to Chuckie’s consternation.
Good job girls, tough trail, well signed, you are in the club.

13th October - CH4 - Blows Herself & Sex Pistol, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating