22nd Sept – CH4 – Blows Herself (& Cumalot)

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Virgin hare, teaming with Cumalot, from down the canal road. I had faith in Cumalot, so after a truly shitty day at work, I decided to fuck off to the hash. I could write an entire blog about how pissed off I was when I set off from work, and how my rage intensified each time I was cut up, and the difference between 8km or 11km, but finally I got close and parked fairly near the runsite. I changed, paid, carried beer, got my inhaler, and the pack had already set off.

I was behind the walkers and spent a while trying to get near the front. Finally I got near the front and managed to do a check. When I got there, TMB was checking to the right, and HRA, Alice, Toe Sucker and Angry Inch were stood at the check waiting, chatting, doing their nails. A perfectly possible trail to the left had nobody interested, so I climbed up to the left. Finally a call, and the circle guards charged off, while I spent some time trying to navigate a way around without going back. I lost a lot of ground and was back behind Does Nothing and Knock Out when I rejoined.

The rest of the run for me was just slowly catching people… The route was great – a good challenge, a nice distance, almost all on nice trails… But… the checks could have been a lot more challenging! There was no possibility to get back into the run, no chance for me to catch TMB etc. as after each circle the bright pink paper started again after 50m, and was often visible from the checks. Checks are there to slow the runners down, but nothing slowed TMB down today!

22nd Sept - CH4 - Blows Herself (& Cumalot), 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings