8th September – CH4 – Cumalot

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Alice –

Despite, or perhaps because of Square Rooter riding shotgun, the songtao missed a sign at the turn to the A bucket, necessitating a bit of kvetching from Kwazi in the back and nervous looks at watches. We did a u turn, Long La/ Squrooter found the place and soon we were listening to Cumalot’s hare brief and staring at her super neat signage.
The run was flat, tricky in places but creative and well shaded. That’s polite for mostly running thru orchards with head clearance of 3 feet much of the way. I’m not the only hasher who dashed a portion of few remaining braincells on low branches. There were also lots of irrigation ditches, narrow, water filled, to cross. Mostly by jumping but some by dodgy looking planks and bamboo poles. The pack experienced a 100% success rate here, despite limited talent.
TMB, HRA, Pigee, Cuckold, Chucky and Poo mostly shared FRB duties but the devious checks meant a whole range of hashers enjoyed their moment in the sun. There was even a false trail sign and bar so neat and colourful in pink and yellow that all the FRB ran past. I was just enjoying gentle jogging, chatting with Dodgy Cock and being up there at the checks. I chose wrong every time, didn’t have a Scooby.
Sex Pistol, Blows Herself, ABB and Knockout took turns up front I think and the calling ahead suggested a well bunched main pack.
I was jogging for stretches, walking over rougher areas and feeling like I was pushing myself after 6 mo inaction.
The rain started to threaten as we jogged through a more open area and turned for home. Suddenly Poo ahead gave a spurt and a feeble On In. Neat flour letters and a rather longer On In than I was hoping for…
Kwazi, Sleeps on It, Snail Trail came in after the downpour started and Sticky brought up the rear. Might have missed TipToe out, not sure how/when he returned and a few others.
The circle moved under some broken down asbestos death trap and Cumalot’s expertise was not confined to haring. Knockout too provided some good splashes. Many contributed to a friendly, well humoured conclusion to events, Toesucker on the step of the red songtao and Chuck in his behind the pole spot in the second row.
TMB tasked Sex P to give the male wings and Cuckold gave the female, Poo and Happy Ending the lucky couple of laureates. SheepShagger thought he was clever gabbing away in Cymraeg but got the surprise of his little life when this Saisneg hasher translated every word perfectly!
Iechydd da CH4!

8th September - CH4 - Cumalot, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings