28th May – CSH3 – Pamela & Stumbling Dyke

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Somebody (who shall remain nameless) mentioned that these run write ups often end up being all about me, and my run – which probably reflects how difficult it is to write about someone else’s experiences – they are very welcome to volunteer to put pen to paper, or rather finger to keys! Eitherway it gives me a unique pleasure that people actually read this drivel! So, for once, who cares what I did today, lets focus on the other hashers.

Like a drone I floated above the harebrief, watching the reactions to the instructions. Being honest, if I was a drone I would probably be aiming for the perfect angle to look down KO’s top, but I couldn’t help but notice how good Cuckold was looking – a fit and frisky young man! Frozen, the sniff, didn’t bother listening, and set off after paper and fortunately the pack could just see him as he disappeared among the trees. It wasn’t long before Cuckold caught him, and today Cuckold was in fine form – whenever I run behind him, I can’t help but think of the Party Rock Anthem written especially for him – “Everyday I’m Shuffling”…

The shuffle has almost gone, and Cuckold is turning into a fully fledged FRB and when trail headed towards the mountain Cuckold was floating along nicely. The trails were great, but a few more checks would have been useful to keep the pack together. After a hill climb, and a loop at the bottom, we headed back for the mountains. Finally I nailed a check and got back to the front, but this isn’t about me, and it isn’t about how hot I was feeling. Nobody wants to read about that! Most aren’t interested in how HRA breezed past and lead the way back to the finish, but the notable mention is of course Cuckold! In fine form he took off after HRA, but pausing for a brief conversation as he past by.

I didn’t see Cuckold again, so I can only imagine how his run ended up. There was a long OnIn along the mud road, so I imagine a team of can-can girls with feather boas cheering him along, taking care to hide before anyone else got there. The run was really good – a really nice loop, I just wish there had been more checks, and more challenging checks – Piggy might disagree, but the challenge of the checks keeping us together is what makes hashing not just running. A good OnOnOn at Yummy Pizza too.

28th May - CSH3 - Pamela & Stumbling Dyke, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating