30th Jan – CSH3 – Doesn’t Get It

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DGI teamed up with Diddly Squat (and Shagless?) for a run in the vicinity of Ob Kham. It was a new runsite for me, so this could be interesting. The songthaew was very late… very, very late! When the songthaew arrived there was a very indepth hare brief where each hare and co-hare took turns explaining how to deal with each of the checks. Thoroughly educated, it was nearly 30 mins after by the time we were finally released.

Within seconds of starting the run there was a V check. Turkey went left, and I was right. Another V check, and I wasn’t slowing down. The checks were thick and fast, but I was in the zone and lucking out on all of them. I got to the Wimp Rambo split, and that slowed me down – where was the R trail??? It took me a while to find powder randomly across the field – I could hear voices behind me again – “ONON!”. Another couple of circles and amazingly each time I nailed it. I was the lord of the hash, nothing would stop me! Just press on! Through a couple of barbed wire fences and a circle on the road. Of course it would be just to the left and the down that little trail – I was infallible! Only I wasn’t… And after 150m or so, there was no sign of paper. Damnit! I got back to the road as Brownie & co. approached the fence. Time to check another direction – surely right this time? I went surely 100m++ but no sign of paper – perhaps I missed the powder on the left? Who knows, I went back to the circle and followed a group in the opposite direction, but no call… OK, 4th option, into the field? Still no joy… Finally someone called from the way I checked 2nd time…. My bad, but I’d gone from being FRB hashgod, to mid pack.

Brownie was setting the pace ahead of me, so I locked into his tail and tried to press on – this was a fast paced hash today. We caught KO, and Brownie followed me checking to the left, before overtaking before the paper. We were off again, and Brownie was encouraging me to keep pressing on. A “V” check, and my choice. I went straight, and within moments regretted it. Sure enough there was the bar, and I joined Cool Balls & HRA following Brownie. A beer stop, but the walkers were already there. As we arrived Brownie was setting off again pausing only momentarily for a quick FU. I kept going with Brownie just about in eyesight ahead of me.

Sadly now all the checks were kicked out by the walkers. With W/R runs like that, its good news for the walkers, as they get to play the FRB game for once, but the checks are there to slow the FRBs down, the walkers don’t need to be slowed down! I ran on in – good fast running and a fun set. Whatever happened to birthday wings though?

30th Jan - CSH3 - Doesn't Get It, 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings