3rd December – CH4 – Graven Image

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Maejo, up by the reservoir past the Tiger Head. I was scrambling out from work to get there on time, and would have done so had the “A” bucket been clearer… Instead I joined Knockout, Horny Monkey and Tiptoe as we drove back and forth looking for the runsite. Finally all assembled and paid, Graven seemed not very motivated about giving a hare brief, which perhaps wasn’t so helpful for the virgins!

We set off down through the scout camp and around into the valley behind. An abrupt left and up the hill. Always some great trails out there. Brownie (the co-hare) was sweeping and collecting the paper… Meanwhile somewhere behind Stiff and his daughter were late and trying to catch up, so Graven was busily replacing the paper that Brownie took down, and was too late to set part of the In-trail for the walkers.

Up ahead we were having lots of fun… Parts of the trail were just missing, but with a large enough pack stuck together we managed to figure it out. As well as I know those trails, the hares had me turned around in circles. And at the crucial moment, I was wrong… I lost a lot of ground chasing back to get back onto the intrail, but caught up in time for the climb over the small hill at the finish – sadly no rope to climb down.

Meanwhile somewhere behind Stiff wasn’t having so much fun! Impossible for him to follow long stretches where Brownie had taken the paper down. Finally he bailed out and spent time on the road in the dark trying to find his way back. Brownie felt bad and headed out with a torch looking for them. When Stiff finally made it back, we were just missing Brownie… So Square Rooter set off to try and find him. Brownie finally came in, which prompted Toe Sucker to head out looking for Square Rooter. Sadly when Brownie came in he was covered in blood, dripping down his leg. A huge gash and something lodged in. He looked a bit shocked, and was quickly hustled off to hospital with KO & Poo. Finally everyone got back in time for social drinking after the circle. It brought memories back of when Graven and I lost the whole male hash in the dark at about the same spot!

3rd December - CH4 - Graven Image, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating