Saturday 17th October – CSH3 – Does Nothing

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If we weren’t sure whether we could run at the Ag Center any more, we are now! Shortly after unloading the songthaew we were unceremoniously moved on. Fortunately the spot that Square Rooter used recently was close enough and the hare spared us part of his run around the fields at the end.

We set off along the road, and with prizes on offer throughout the run, the pace early on was fast. Turkish and Shagless sprinted off, only to run out of steam before we got to the first check. Everyone was willing to check though with the chance of getting a prize. At the first circle I went out to the road and spotted paper on a tree – it was another circle check so something wasn’t quite right. I started following the paper backwards, not calling while I tried to figure out how much was being cut off. A few minutes later, Turkey also found that circle and called everybody on. I tried to get people doing the true trail, but to no avail – Turkey led the way with only HRA and Obscene doing the correct route – I followed it round in a circle backwards and rejoined the pack as the trail went through the trees parallel to the road.

Jogging along the road with Chuckie it wasn’t long before we were on a very familiar little trail that runs behind the wall. Turkey was calling up front, but seems he forgot about collecting prizes, so I snagged a nice small heineken. Finally we passed Turkey as he came back from a short cut. The pace was fast and it wasn’t long before we came to the OnIn and welcome beer time…