8th October – CH4 – Toe Sucker (& Square Rooter)

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Deja vu! A trail from the back for the Ag Centre, where we hit the mountains… When I uploaded my GPS track, Strava matched it with a run I remembered, and thought had been set by Square Rooter – I accused him in the circle of recycling, but it turns out by chance he had set the same run as Cumalot – to the point that my bad checking choices were also picked up! You can read the previous write up here:-


Today I gave Piggy a commentary on where the run went as though I was reliving the run. The little trail that runs along the back of the wall. The check where the evil hare had tied ribbon to barbed wire to protect us, even though the barbed wire wasn’t on trail!!! WOW Square Rooter – that is haring diligence! Decoy to the extreme – I learnt a new lesson in haring today! I was cursing you at the time, but excellent, excellent work!

I was way way behind after the early check and I jogged my way back towards the pack as we ominously headed towards the hill. The run had been billed as “Exciting”. Ack… Any other hare that might be appealing but for Square Rooter to bill his run as exciting meant pain for me! Yes, it was the hill that I had predicted, and I climbed up with Piggy, not far behind CW, giving Piggy a thorough briefing on where the trail was headed. The checks weren’t difficult, even though I felt I was running (or walking (or climbing)) in a time warp. CW, Piggy just followed me. No effort to check, just relying on my memory. I was bursting, exhaustion, the climb is a killer, a 200m elevation gain. Finally I stepped aside and let the train pass, just 200m from the ‘top’, but I was spent.

We turned abruptly right and descended. The FRBs broke free, and I was left with KO. It was pretty much straight down… down, down, down… Finally we hit the lake, and I knew we were around 400m from the cars, and the beers… The trail was marked sharply left… I declined and headed straight back in, pretty much as Cumalot had set in July 2014….!

8th October - CH4 - Toe Sucker (& Square Rooter), 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating