1st October – CH4- Alice

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Alice comes into town for a week and steps up to set a run – what a man! This works assuming it is a good run….. and todays run was excellent – one of the best runs I’ve been on for quite a while. There was some excellent trail running, a few dodgy bits of shiggy early on, but apart from that some gentle inclines and declines… A healthy 6+km work out.

We set off and CW and I led the early section with me getting lucky with a few early checks. Out front I emerged up a bank to bump into Burrito Butt! Wtf! It appeared some walkers had inside information as I soon ran into Does Nothing and then Foxy. Finally I got one wrong as Foxy pipped me to choose the fork up the hill a the V-check. Back in front the hill was a grind, and CW stepped in behind me, while Gorf skipped past and took over FRB honours.

Gorf screwed up the next check – he got it right, but didn’t check far enough – man that guy walks faster than most of us run. He was still ahead when we found trail, so we followed him for a while until local knowledge gave CW and I the upper hand at the mud road. No idea why so many checked right, but it had to be left. A few more checks and I was going strong until a spot where I knew there would be a circle check, and it is a complete 50/50… Today I was wrong. The feeling of dread as you get to 110m and still no paper, ugh… I had to go back around.

Running out of steam and still a few clicks to go, I paralleled the pack for a brief period before joining CW for the OnIn. Excellent trails and a great set.

1st October - CH4- Alice, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating