12th September – CSH3 – Shagless

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The traffic on the canal road is getting worse I’m sure. A long slog down to the end and then left – away from the mountains to a spot that only Shagless has set runs from. Now why is that?

We gathered, we looked at pretty markings for the harebrief and then we set off. CW, TMB and I walked briskly towards the first check before jogging away from a car. I guessed left, CW agreed and followed, and not long after we were alone. The 2nd check screwed me… A lot… There seemed to be no other way to go, so I went further and further in the wrong direction. When the check was finally called I was a huge expanse of rice field away from anyone else and spent a deal of time balancing and trying not to damage the farmers crops. Eventually I scrambled my way over to a beautiful temple where even Sunspot was ahead of me.

I jogged my way along and finally hit the front where Sloppy was taking a pee rather than checking for trail. Then I got lucky and got ahead for a bit. A V check wrong and CW and I were together. The next V check I wanted to follow CW, but protocol suggested I check the other way. To my surprise I was right, but there was no sound from behind. A couple more circle checks and I could have been home free…. Except I went wrong at the next circle, and was left chasing after the likes of Sloppy, CW, TMB and HRA… A long slog in – during which time FINALLY MR.POO caught up – not sure what he and Knock Out were doing or why they were so slow as they still had energy when they past me. I remembered parts of the run from the last run there – keep at it, you might find a good one there! 😉

12th September - CSH3 - Shagless, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings