7th September – CH3 – Frozen Dick

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Frozen teamed up with Tiptoe to set a run from near his place in the Ob Kham area. Rumour had it Section 44 was waived for the night, so I went along for the exercise. Frozen began his harebrief with an apology, laying out what a shitty run he’d set for us. There would be 2 parts, but no beer in between the parts…. There would be parts that Belly Dancer would be proud of, and parts even he wouldn’t put his name to…. I was beginning to wonder why I was there…!

We set off and the legs complained a bit with a small gentle rise, but finally we got into rhythm, heading straight into the hills, and going pretty close to some nice trails. The nice trails run throughout the hills, but in the pursuit of setting a uniquely virgin run, the hares decided to avoid the trails, and bushwhack. We went up a hill, scrambling off trail, and then down a hill scrambling off trail as though the hares had done their best to avoid runnable trail. The checks did get us – most of the time we were searching for passable trails, while the paper was actually randomly placed through the undergrowth.

HRA seemed to have less hassle than anyone else. Like a bloodhound he seemed to be on the same page as the hares, and nailed check after check. When we weren’t scrambling through bushes, we were climbing through barbed wire. The hare later said he wanted to set a different, virgin trail – if only we could choose between virgin or good? (Although to be honest, give that choice to most of the CH3, we would choose virgin over good!!!) HRA was still on a roll, but finally he got one wrong, and it was a bad one to get wrong… When we finally hit a good running trail, he was busy checking in the shiggy far off trail. Fortunately I, and Poo finally got something right, and well, you are only as good as your last check… CW caught up as we jogged in together, nearly forgetting the hideous start to the run as the last km or so was great.

When Dirty Stinking Rotten Pervert got back we moved on to an excellent circle.

7th September - CH3 - Frozen Dick, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating