29th August – CSH3 – Adorable Blue Balls

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After a few weeks off, I decided to pop back for a hash run – convenient location for me out by the Tiger’s Head in Maejo, so a good opportunity to catch up with some hash friends…

Hare brief complete, we set off and I ran along ahead with Cumalot’s son. We headed away from the great Maejo trails towards the mountain that lies to the east of the tiger’s head. I’ve never found a decent run up that hill, and I’ve not been on a good run that someone else has set up it! (There is a challenge for you!) The first check was headed up the hill, but getting there first, my instinct was back to the road. I went some way along the road, but found nothing, so turned and went back the other way towards the dam… – anything but up the hill. Finally Pigshit called “OnOn” from where I had been checking to begin with – he’d just gone further than I did, or perhaps I didn’t see it, who knows we were off again.

Strangely I caught Piggy who had decided to walk. The other FRBs like HRA were scattered across the hillside, so there was a free run at the next check where I found trail at my 2nd choice with Cuckold not far behind. Over a little hill and down to a dried up canal. Another check, and knowing that going left would be a long way I checked right, along with several others. I found one piece of paper after 100m or so, but nothing else. We milled around, while Cuckold checked a good 300m before calling us on. Best guess is sabotage – particularly with the one piece of paper found. Anyway we were confused but back on course.

From there on, I was close to the trail on occasions, but spent probably more time on the mini ball breaker trail from the week before. I checked too far off a circle, thinking it might be another 300m check… Paper everywhere, and I kept trying to turn right, towards the calls, but it was a long time before I found a way across. Still it was some good exercise! From what I could see (apart from the strange check) it was well marked, and a good set that turned back and used the Maejo forest trails – I just screwed it up!