18th May – CH3 – Square Rooter

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Square Rooter, the wily old fox, outfoxed this hasher today… :( I know the area fairly well – so I think, so I predicted the route and figured I had SR covered…

We set off as usual up towards the TV station, but then a surprise circle. I got it right but then called Rooter’s bluff at the 2nd circle – it was a double or triple bluff and I was headed up the wrong trail – I’d been right before that strange circle… :( So it was up the regular “Pilgrim’s Trail”. Ahead there was Lanky Yanky, Chuckie, Mr. Poo and Piggy. The trail headed off to the right and people were checking a circle. I know this area – even if the main trail was wrong, you HAVE to get back to the main trail, or there is no way back. I carried on figuring I’d intercept sooner or later. Rounded a corner and found Mr. Poo taking an opportune shit in the bushes. He encouraged me to go back, but I continued my plan.

I could hear calls off to my right, so continued my pilgrimage. Finally I got to the temple – there was no sound of anyone, and I knew completely that I’d fucked up – badly! I just uploaded my trek to strava though, and it has me as the 2nd fastest ever on the trail to Palad temple! WTF!!?? Just 21 seconds slower than the fastest! Enough about that – I wasn’t racing – I was trying to get back to trail… So when I hit the road, I headed back down the hill for a km or so. It was great – the first time in a long time that I’ve felt comfortable running – it was much cooler. Finally I found a trail and cut across and sure enough hit a circle check – sadly it was fairly early on the trail and I was a long way behind having done a 3km detour… Anyway, I was back to black ants biting on Rooter’s trail.

I kept moving along, and got to the W/R split. Decisions, decisions…. I went wimp – it was already 55 mins… The trail cut down and finally I saw Frozen Dick, Tip Toe, Cuckold and Belly Dancer down below. When Belly heard me running behind he figured I was the first of the FRBs on the Rambo trail, and decided to try to outrun me…. Hehehehee! Oh his disappointment when he found out the rest of the pack were already supping beers at the finish.

Nice set… bad screw up!

18th May - CH3 - Square Rooter, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings