21st March – CSH3 – Humperdick

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Today Humps teamed up with Shagless, but openly confessed that Shagless did all the work for the run – was it trying to remove responsibility before we even set off?

I set off running, and I guess Belly was really hungover as he didn’t do his usual early stages sprint, to the point I was confused as I was completely on my own. A “V” check, I guess left. I went 400-500m and then got a check back. This was strange… It was a small check back – not completely clear, but far too far from the check. After some confusion and regrouping it turned out I’d missed a 2nd V check.

Problem solved and we carried on. Graven & Chuckie leading the way with me, NOYB and Taste My Buns. Not leading I fell into a groove leaping ditches and finding my way through orchard trees. There was a brief moment when trail was lost up front. NOYB solve the problem calling on on from around the corner along the road – only he didn’t, because there was no check and we’d just headed off paper for someway, essentially shortcutting. Not a big problem for us, but Dogshit someway behind and Alice & Jacksoffalot didn’t get the benefit of the short cut, only getting checks that weren’t kicked out.

It happens. Next check, I got it right, and I’m running well. Circle check – I went right and along the canal. Too far… I turned back and Belly was calling onon having short cut across. What to do? I was so tempted to carry along the canal, and had I done so, I would have hit trail about another 20m. Instead I went back and around in a circle. Lots of technical hashing – jumps & balances. After 30 mins we hit the OnIn – the groan from NOYB behind me was the groan of a boy that believed he could have beaten his Dad if the trail had been a bit longer. It would have been longer had he not lead the mass short cut.

The run was quite ok considering the conditions, but my highlight of the night was the 16 year old “None Of Your Business” asking the veteran Superman quite openly & frankly in a restaurant at the OnOnOn whether he still regularly masturbates.

21st March - CSH3 - Humperdick, 1.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings