2nd March – CH3 – Does Nothing

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I headed out to the lake by Alpine Golf Course – familiar area, we’d been there with Taste My Buns not so long back – interestingly she’d had the same co-hare as Does Nothing – the Adorable Blue Balls!

The key new part to this run was special voucher envelopes hidden after checks – nice touch! With Brownfinger around I knew I’d have to get ahead early to stand a chance so jogged off with Brownie on my shoulder. Some visiting military guy blitzed past us, and that was all it took for Brownie to set off. The two of them were away. Finally the first check, and TACO, The American Cantering Officer, was already coming back from checking left, while Brownie was straight on. I gambled left, and sure enough found a nice envelope in the trees. OnOn and we were following TMB’s run through the gully.

TACO, Takes A**l Creampie Often, cruised past with Brownie in hot pursuit, but again at the next check they were lured in the wrong direction. Following the trail from a few weeks back, I snagged my 2nd envelope. Next check I got wrong, but it seemed there was no prize for that one, so as I got to the W/R split the pack was already ahead clambering up the steps. Bah, I can be a Wimp! It was the same as TMB’s run, over to the trail heading up the hill – a circle check. Up I went and there is the next envelope! Nice! And so it continued – I was on my own, but jogging around a familiar route, collecting prizes! Excellent Run – very well set, clearly marked etc.

When I got back the hares were waiting at the far end of the lake… A brief chat and a jog off for some beer. Back at the A, Brownie and Gravey are sat cooling down – where did they come from? It seemed that Pee Poo erroneously kicked a check and left the rest of the pack utterly confused so they came in from all directions leaving the hares stood forlornly at the other side of the lake. Well, I enjoyed it, even if the rest were confused!