CH4 – Square Rooter – 1st January

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Any proximity between the doi and the aforementioned Square Rooter is purely intentional. So much so that Scooby said he wasn’t coming, as he didn’t fancy an hour of steep up and down just before the ball breaker. However cum 4:30, there he was with Human Excrement, Baldrick and the Great Baldini listening to SR’s hare brief. Usual stuff about flour and an ominous warning: there’s places to run and there’s sections that aren’t places to run!

As I was walking with Balders et son pere to begin with, I didn’t see Browny, Graven, Sloppy, Poo and Taste My Buns etc battle it out in the van. But I did hear about the Bald family road trip to Cambodia, it was good to talk, however I am now deaf in my left ear after a near rocket experience at Down Under bar on NYE, so for once I had to listen carefully.

After a road and scenic rocky pathway going up into the forest, we missed the trail going off right and met the sweeping Rooter. He took Norman on his reverse trail while self and BD hit the trail the right way round. It was initially very steep and tricky going down and we knew it was a good decision to trust the Great Baldini to Rooter’s infinite care.

After a check on the rocks of a lovely river bed- cum- waterfall I headed straight along the fence path down and through a couple of narrow ravines. No paper… wrong! BD found trail going up parallel to the stream bed and we followed a well set path thru lovely woods until another check had us back across the water way.

At some points we could hear voices yelling and got excited we’d catch the pack – wrong again Alice, ye of great faith but little ability. Baldrick told me about his new job in a new school in China as we finally jogged along flattish, root covered and stony paths under the trees. At a junction we met Rooter who directed us towards home. The Great Baldini was castigated for being a SCB and we ran in as the pack were enjoying the fruits of their labours to much raising of eyebrows and where were yous!

A mild and inclusive circle showcased HRA’s hidden talents for public office and splashes a plenty were doled out. But no beer for Taste My Buns, as Semen Sores learnt. Bob the Bullet from Bangkok was welcomed back, I recall running with him on a Butt Filler run ten years ago which overran into dusk and then a drunk local had crashed his rusty junk bucket into Butt Filler’s new truck as we started the circle.

ABB was chosen as TMB’s champion of choice as the Bavarian bullet complained of freezing buns and other bits. Snowballs was punished for smoking in the circle and said we were lucky it wasn’t weed! Toe sucker adorned the ice as co-hare and Cumalot also had a nice sit down with her boys. Horny was iced for being crippled but looked really sporty in his black tracksuit with chavvy white trainers and cap.

Enjoy your hashing while you can, Father Time catches up with us all eventually. Hashy 2015 and here’s to the hares and the packs that follow.


CH4 - Square Rooter - 1st January, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings