18th Dec – CH4 – Taste My Buns

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My knee is fooked. Cutting it fine, I stumbled out of the car and followed the pack out of the canyon restaurant. While trying to warm my knee up, we were immediately on uneven ground, scrambling through shiggy. It wasn’t what I expected from Taste My Buns! We found some trail and there were some checks going on ahead, but I wasn’t really involved, until utter confusion with random people randomly finding random circle checks randomly hidden! The co-hare Adorable Blue Balls was on hand to explain what was happening…. – Unfortunately as I missed the harebrief I didn’t know ABB was the co-hare, he just seemed like another hasher who was adamant that I shouldn’t go through a barbwire fence, even though it was clearly marked with paper! How did he know I was the wrong side of it – or as it happens the right side of it?

To temporarily reconfigure my confusion levels there were OnOn calls and I set off in their direction. A chorus of hashers behind me shouted “not that way” while ahead of me the “OnOn”‘s were clear, and Mr. Poo was running with confidence ahead. WTF was going on? I wasn’t on trail, the calls were now to the left, and Mr. Poo was stood in the middle of shiggy looking confused. Ack. I hacked my way over and joined the pack as we headed towards the hills.

The hare was obsessed with barbed wire, forcing the pack through small gaps, to the point where she took us through barbed wire for a circle check that came back out of the barbed wire. The short cutting FRBs missed that part and they were already into the hill. Up, Up, Up – the hallmarks of ABB rather than TMB!? Several times I broke off to the left looking for an alternative route, and at my 3rd attempt I found a nice trail that cut back down and rejoined the pack on their way back in a gully.

We were close to back but still a few more hare tricks to contend with. Some imaginative connects. I can only imagine how we were supposed to finish, I know I didn’t finish as intended, but I was happy to be back. With hindsight, I should have rested… The drugs only work so far, I dread to think how I will feel tomorrow!

18th Dec - CH4 - Taste My Buns, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings