22nd November – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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Turkey, Turkey, Turkey… 12k down the canal road, we were in the quarry past the temple. Plenty of good running to be found around here – what would Turkish have in store for us??? For the hare brief he randomly picked Horny Monkey to give it ‘because he speaks better English’… When asked where the Ononon was, it seemed nobody knew and I was starting to wonder if we would go running and drinking at all!

Finally we were off and when we found the first paper, quickly we ran into a false trail. Back the other obvious way and on to a circle check. Sloppy was leading the way and got the prime pick, checking left. Horny was right on my tail as I went straight – why didn’t he try right? After 150m or so the call came. A female voice, so it wasn’t Sloppy… It must have been right. I looped around behind a house, but silence from everywhere… Damnit… I kept going, and finally arced back to that circle. It had been left, and I guess Sloppy was a silent running Turk. Ack. Turkey was there changing the circle to an OnIn, so I guess we would be back there sooner or later.

10 minutes or so into the run, I set off in pursuit and it seemed an eternity before I started reeling in hashers. I past some ladies and then found Just Cumming on his own in the woods. It was really fun running, good trails. At one point I did take a closer look at the paper to see if I was still on fresh paper, but it seemed fresh enough. Finally I was back to the wall and with a slightly confusing check the arrows were pointing back towards the A. It seemed short, but believable until a host of hashers came storming back towards me… WTF? Confusion reigned. Apparently we were not on trail – the paper was from a Bunny Hash run, not from today. I don’t know why they thought that, so kept going. I nearly ran OnIn, but got back to the first circle, which was now and OnIn, and spotted trail leading to it from where I’d checked in the first place. Sloppy wanted to go back, I decided to go backwards…

I then went backwards around his excellent run. Peace, quiet, solitude. Nice! Then a distant cry. Getting louder. Getting closer. Square Rooter appeared at a check. I gave him some inside information and then confused everyone else by running backwards past them.

If the goal of haring is to confuse people, then Turkey you succeeded! Nice job.

22nd November - CSH3 - Turkish Delight, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings